Ryalto (ryalto) wrote in kucs,

Welcome to KUCS LJ Community

As the topic says.

As the KUCS website says, looks like our forum got hacked over Christmas. Not sure when the forum will be back up so I've created this community for us to use.
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If anyone is interested in a free HP9000 Server with SCSI attached Disk Chassis get in touch with me. O/S isn't included but you can use the free version of RISC Linux off the net. You will need a basic ASCII Terminal to use it and it needs to be picked up from Northampton as it weighs over 70kg combined (Server and Disk Chassis). If anyone is interested in it email me on matt.scott_uk@hotmail.co.uk


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lol, what sort of twat 'signs' Live Journal comments like that?



January 12 2007, 23:09:23 UTC 11 years ago

If anyone has a backup of the forum (you do don't you?) then I would be willing to host the forums on our server until the other is sorted.


The kucs.net domain name seems to have expired now too.....perhaps an all in one hosting and registration package might be in order :-)
domain name has been renewed for another year. Next year, we should probably look into somewhere else, as the current account is still registered to Jo and it was very confusing the ring-around I went through to get the renewal done.

I don't know when the last backup was made, but I would guess from before when the forums were down in Oct-Nov time.



January 29 2007, 23:27:20 UTC 11 years ago

hey guys, so whats happening with KUCS atm??


so forums have been hacked again!
Samoht62 - looks like they have been we are too well known.