Ryalto (ryalto) wrote in kucs,

LAN Party

Prepairations have begun for KUCS's first LAN party of 2007, and we need your input.

Specifically, we need to know how many people are interested in attending a LAN. If there's enough interest we will try and book K2 or the Ballroom, however smaller 10-20 person LANs would benefit from a more cosy location like the Boiler Room.

We need your input, so if you're interested in On-Campus gaming, give us a shout. Annonymous posting should be enabled here, so feel free to leave a comment.
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May 16 2007, 13:18:51 UTC 9 years ago

Can u organise CS Lan party in the UNI(this summer)?I will bring 6 people with me.(including me)